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Where We Started

The Online Business Student Association (OBSA) was established in January 2017 by Rachel Pruitt and Emiko Bankson with the objective of fostering a sense of connectivity with Arizona State University (ASU). The core mission of OBSA, which remains steadfast to this day, is to facilitate meaningful connections among highly accomplished online students who seek to engage with the ASU Business student community, thereby enriching their ASU experience and augmenting their journey toward becoming successful business professionals. To accomplish this, OBSA provides a comprehensive suite of academic, networking, and social resources, along with online meetings, exclusively tailored to the needs of online W. P. Carey students. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure that every online W. P. Carey student feels a profound sense of connection, value, and preparedness for their triumphant transition beyond ASU's gates upon graduation.

Meet the Executive Board

At our core, we believe in fostering an environment where collaboration, innovation, and mutual support thrive. Our team is more than just a collection of individuals; we are a tightly-knit group that values open communication, creativity, and a shared passion for excellence.

We're not afraid to let our personalities shine through, as we believe that it helps foster a genuine connection with our audience. We bring our authentic selves to the table, combining professionalism with a touch of character, making the experience of working with us both enjoyable and productive.

So, as you explore our Team section, get to know the faces behind the organization. Learn about our diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences that contribute to the success of our team. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service and making a positive impact in everything we do.

Get ready to connect with a team that not only excels in their respective fields but also values the human element of collaboration. Together, we can achieve remarkable things.


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The purpose of these events is to help students decide what career will be right for them, and what companies to apply for at graduation.  It's also a great change to network with experienced professionals.  Come to these events to receive advice and meet people in various industries.


Each month, the OBSA puts on a workshop to teach students important skills they may need for future careers.  They include skills to help you in school, land a job, and business skills for your future career.


Join our bi-weekly Brew & Banter, a cozy Zoom gathering where members connect, learn, and support each other. Sip a hot beverage while exchanging business ideas, tips, and fostering a vibrant community. Fuel your entrepreneurial journey in a warm and engaging virtual atmosphere.

Our Advising Team

Meet our exceptional advising team, where our culture and work philosophy shine. We prioritize open communication, student-centricity, and personalized support. Discover our unique personalities that foster a welcoming environment. Experience guidance tailored to your success.

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